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Blockchain Middleware

Your bridge to blockchain

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  • The significance

    of blockchain

    has grown dramatically

    Blockchain implementations appear on the market almost every day: BTC, Ethereum, NEM, WAVES and much more!

    Each has its advantages and disadvantages, own architecture and rules.

  • Which blockchain

    to follow?

    Money is not the only value, this value may be whatever you’d want to – from a simple number in balance, up to complex data usage in ERC-20, assets and mosaics.

    As a result, each platform has its own significant purpose.

  • No need to choose

    the better platform

  • Make all platforms act as your own service with ​DMT

    DMT is a micro-services based platform, which aims to unite the different blockchain implementations into a single ecosystem, with a unified interface and excellent scalability.

  • Versatility
    Control different blockchains in one place
  • Tracking
    Balance and transactions tracking
  • Smart Events
    Events listeners on smart contracts
  • IPFS
    Build and store your decentralized services data in IPFS and maintain it with DMT
  • Rest API UI
    Use extended node-red UI for building your own REST service. No coding required!
  • Compatibility
    Create extensions using any language or write addons using JS or C++
  • Fast & Optimal
    20x faster and requires 10 times less computing resources than the most popular explorers–insights
  • Storage Friendly
    DMT solves an issue of data duplication, which is resulting in 30% less storage usage
  • Secure
    DMT works directly with blockchain, providing a native and strong level of security

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