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Smart contract management system

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  • ETH and ERC20 support
    Manage ETH and any other ERC20 tokens in one place
  • BTC, BCH, LTC, NEM support
    We're constantly adding new cryptocurrencies support in our wallet
  • Multisignature Functionality
    Make a wallet and share its funds with your partners
  • Hardware key storage support
    Our wallet supports hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano and Trezor
  • Custom ERC20 tokens support
    Create your own ERC20 token, with currency exchange for trading pairs (coming soon).
  • Exchange
    Distributed cryptocurrency market on top of 0x protocol (coming soon)
  • Voting
    TIME token holders will be able to vote on important company decisions
  • LabourHour Token Mining
    LHT mining (long-term holders can stake their TIME tokens on LaborX sidechain to mine LHT)
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