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Using blockchain to streamline global access to work and payments
Fintech company focusing on HR-solutions for business
We believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking a new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever they are in the world, and ensuring they are paid promptly and fairly.
Dec’16 - Feb’17
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Sydney, Australia
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About Chronobank
Chronobank is building a comprehensive ecosystem for HR and finance, helping reduce or eliminate the barriers to recruitment and payment processes for both workers and employers.
PaymentX is an automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for your business. Pay the team using crypto in one click, send and receive professional invoices, set up regular payment dates - all quickly and conveniently!
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TimeX is a Plasma-based exchange. The platform combines both centralised and decentralised technologies, offering the best of both worlds in terms of speed, security, cost and protection against front-running and illegal activities.
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LaborX is a blockchain-based platform that securely and efficiently connects employers directly with jobseekers. Users’ financial relationships are protected by LaborX Digital Escrow, reducing the chances of payment delays and disputes. A straightforward interface allows custom contract implementation, while our SmartDispute feature offers an affordable way to address potential problems. Forthcoming modules include a Reputation system, Services feature and a peer-to-peer Marketplace – providing diverse functionality and pointing to a bright future for LaborX.
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Completed milestones
Over the course of the last three years, ChronoBank has planned, funded, developed and launched a suite of blockchain and cryptocurrency-based products designed to revolutionise the world of recruitment and HR.
Oct 16

Chronobank foundation

Feb 17
Successful token
Mar 17
TIME listed
on exchanges
Aug 17

ChronoWallet launch
on mainnet

Aug 18

Beta LaborX
community testing

Feb 19

Beta TimeX
DEX launch

Sep 19

Beta PaymentX

Oct 19

Beta TimeX Plasma

Nov 19

LaborX Beta

We believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking this new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever
December 27
What does 2020 hold for the blockchain industry?
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October 24
TimeX goes live!
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October 3
LaborX pre-launch release
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September 26
Chronobank rebrands!
We’ve come a long way since launch in 2016, in terms of technology, team, concept, UX and more. Our new website and brand reflects our continuing journey as we move ahead.
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July 12
Development Update: LaborX 0.9.4
New contract features, new contract design and contract details with greatly improved UI, improved workflow, email notifications and more.
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May 13
Development Update: LaborX 0.9.3
Social login with Google and Facebook, adaptive website for smartphones, and updated job page design
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April 13
Development Update: LaborX 0.9.2
Authorisation with email, cloud wallet, new job form, dashboard redesigned and more changes that you can find in the new version.
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April 4
Answers to AMA in March 2019
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March 28
Chat Interview with ChronoBank CEO Sergei Sergienko
Three days ago, on March 25th, ChronoBank CEO Sergei Sergienko held an Interview, moderated by BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel, for Korean blockchain community media and incubating company CoinIn on WeChat.
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March 14
TimeX MVP is live!
TimeX offers much-needed improvements over existing centralised crypto exchanges, and will serve as the default exchange for ChronoBank diverse HR ecosystem.
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Our partners
We are proud of our partners, who represent a wide range of organisations in both the cryptocurrency/blockchain space and from the conventional recruitment and HR sector.
Dash Embassy
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Chronobank has a thriving community of users, developers and traders. Join us and participate in the next generation of recruitment and working practices!